Salted herbs

A tasty mixture of herbs, as if you had made it at home.


The origin of salted herbs in Quebec happened during the deportation of Acadians in the second half of the 18th century; several Acadians settled in Quebec where salted herbs quickly became part of the culinary tradition of the province.



Salted herbs are a mixture of finely chopped vegetables, herbs and salt. Yes, this product

contains a lot of sodium, but you may want to replace the salt in your recipes with salted herbs instead… You don’t simply add salt, you add a world of flavors!


We invite you to discover them in a vegetarian broth (replace the chicken broth with 1 tbsp

salted herbs in 4 liters of water), in your mashed potatoes, or to season your poultry, fish and in many more recipes!


Did you know?

Salted herbs are not a unique recipe, everyone can make their own.

We have selected ingredients that will totally stimulate your taste buds!


Where to find us?

Our salted Herbs2 are in all supermarkets near you in Quebec (IGA, Maxi, Provigo, Wal-Mart).

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