Alfalfa sprouts & their benefits

Alfalfa sprouts :

Alfalfa sprouts are the most well-known sprouted seed on the market. They are commonly found in sandwiches and organic businesses.

Its many benefits give you an added advantage to have it in your plate!

Alfalfa sprouts have much good virtue for health. Here are a few :


Their benefits :

  • They include a good amount of vitamin C. This vitamin is a good antioxidant; protects the body’s cells from aging skin, cardiovascular disease and some cancers. Thus they activate the cicatrization of the cells of the body and increase the absorption of iron.
  • Alfalfa sprouts contain coumestrol which plays a similar role to estrogen.
  • Included daily in our diet, Alfalfa sprouts reduce the risk of cancer of the thyroid cancer.
  • They help lower blood cholesterol in daily use.


Where to find us ?

Newly arrived at MaxiProvigo and Provigo le marché ,alfalfa sprouts Pousse Vert can be found in the fruits and vegetables department and online at Lufa Farms.














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