Alfalfa radish sprouts & their benefits

Alfalfa radish sprouts :

Alfalfa radish sprouts are a good complement to have in its dish since alfalfa has a sweet flavour and radish a fine texture and taste delicately spicy.

The perfect combination of soft and spicy!

Alfalfa radish sprouts have great virtue for health. Here are a few :


Their benefits :

  • Vitamin C, the exceptional antioxidant, is found in a large quantity. It helps maintain immune function which helps in healing and increase absorption of iron.
  • They are low calorie promotes a healthy and tasty diet and helps with weight loss programs.
  • Good sources of protein that helps in building and repairing body tissues.
  • Good sources of fibre which helps the digestive system function properly.
  • Alfalfa radish sprouts have a good amount of vitamin A, which helps with the health of the eyes and prevents diabetes.


Where to find us ?

They are newly arrived at MaxiProvigo and Provigo le marché. Alfalfa radish sprouts Pousse Vert are  in the fruit and vegetable department.












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