Snow pea sprouts & their benefits

Snow pea sprouts :

Snow pea sprouts are longer than other sorts of sprouts. It can be cooked as well as eat raw. The vitamins and minerals they contain are aboundant. When we cook them, it loses up their micronutrients.

They will make your home supper, a 5-star supper!

The sprouts have many virtue for health. Here are a few :


Their benefits :

  • They have a good amount of protein which helps in the recovery and creating new human body tissues.
  • They are low calorie which help to have tasty dishes at few calories.
  • Snow pea sprouts have a good amount of vitamin A which helps to keep an immune system and eyes healthy, and prevent diabetes.
  • They help fight inflammatory diseases.
  • They have a high content of vitamin C. This vitamin is a good antioxidant, maintains immune function, helps in scarring, increases the absorption of iron.


Where to find us ?

Newly arrived at MaxiProvigo and Provigo le marché, our snow pea sprouts Pousse Vert are located in the fruit and vegetable department.












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