About us

Hydro Culture Macri inc. was founded in 1991 by Vincent Macri.

In 2005, after having worked there for several years, two of Vincent’s daughters, Lysa and Nancy Macri, took over the company.

In 2013, they were able to obtain HACCP/SQF certification for the company to guarantee superior quality. To promote this new philosophy and technique, they decided it was time to build a new location.

In 2014, they moved their factory from Anjou to the new one in Beloeil. Their greatest pride was to see the majority of their staff follow them from Anjou to Beloeil. The company, which has not stopped growing since, now has excellent employees from the region as well.

Lysa and Nancy have perfected the art of germination!

In 2018, Lysa Macri becomes Hydro Culture owner.

In full expansion mode, the company is now in all grocery stores: 100%, under almost all banners.



Certification gives the company an extra edge. It guarantees:

  • Superior quality
  • A+ sanitary conditions
  • Guidance for and commitment to customers, management and employees
  • Food safety

And so much more…



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